Looking to Hire an Editor?

In the market for an editor? Then I’m your gal! I specialize in editing novels, long-form fiction, comic scripts, and blog posts. I’m also an experienced content strategist with a focus on writing for online audiences.

I previously worked for a digital publisher that specialized in novels and comics. I ran their novels department and helped novels and comics make it through every stage of their publication processes. You can see examples of my work for them herehere, and here. I know the digital publishing sphere better than most and understand what readers are hungry for.

Currently, I work as a digital content strategist on an internal website serving the sales and account management team of a national healthcare company. I work closely with subject matter experts to plan what content they need, how best to deliver it, and ensure it’s clear and easy to navigate for their audience.

I also wrote a recently published comic titled The Selkie’s Skin, an adaption of a novel by the same name. In 2019, I edited Leap Before You Look.

As a freelancer, I focus on copy editing. I’m adept at catching errors everyone else misses and polishing writing pieces of all kinds. I am passionate about working with creators to produce amazing content.


  • Long-form copy edits: $0.02 per word
  • Individual comic scripts, issues, or episodes: $30 per script/issue/episode


Interested in getting a sample edit? Fill out the contact form below and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible!