By the end of this month, bar some unforeseen disaster, I’m going to be a college graduate. I’m excited and terrified and not totally certain what the future holds. I’m really leaning toward getting my master’s in Literature right away, but I also want to take a breather.

I’m trying to let my excitement and worry fuel me. I’ve been crippled by senioritis this year, which I didn’t expect because I have always been the type of person who loves school. But for some reason, it has been so much harder to achieve my academic goals. I think it’s just exhaustion after this four-year academic sprint combined with working way too much during the last two school years. I want another 4.0 GPA, but I’m also dying for a really long nap.

Fingers crossed that my desire to achieve wins out, at least for the next couple weeks. Especially when we’re getting beautiful 75-degree weather that has me actually wanting to go outside and play in the rare San Francisco sunshine…

(proof that we actually do sometimes get sun like the rest of California)

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